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Pinebook pro kernel

pinebook pro kernel 6, der alle wichtigen Pinebook-Pro-Funktionen einschließlich USB-C-Ladefunktion und USB-C-Videoausgang unterstützt und Kompatibilität mit einer Reihe von USB-C-Docks bietet. It is the "portion of the operating system code that is always resident in memory", and facilitates interactions between hardware and software components. 0-ALPHA1 #3: Wed Jan 20 05:12:08 UTC 2021 admin Linux 5. Manjaro ARM 20. As for Pinebook - it's Allwinner A64, I have some WIP to cover it, and I'll ask manu@ to test the Pinebook pro, good 13 ++'s | 15 comments. 190 (updates to 4. In this post I'll go over how to install it. The Pinebook Pro is a Linux and *BSD ARM laptop from PINE64 It is built to be a compelling alternative to mid-ranged Chromebooks that people convert into Linux laptops. As there is no IO accounting support in the original kernel, also no btrfs support, I set out to compile a custom kernel on the pinebook pro plus booting it safely. Rockchip® RK3399 1. 6 Max compat profile I have installed Arch on a surface pro 4 using the gnome desktop and both the latest kernel and the latest LTS kernel. So Trying to install the newest Package of Telegram on aarch64 and it will correctly load and install but it will won’t load at all. kernel. Re: Adding support for the Pinebook Pro, Peter Robinson. 12 is closed and with that, Linux Kernel 5 Windows Kernel Explorer (you can simply call it “WKE”) is a free but powerful Windows kernel research tool. But it's ARM based so that rules out Dragonfly. 40. I pre-ordered it in mid-December, when they announced a version with the ANSI keyboard layout. You just have to create root filesystem from ARM packages. The Pinebook Pro is a 14" (1080p) ARM laptop based on a RK3399 SOC. OMG! Ubuntu! reports that the $199 PineBook Pro will now include privacy switches to disable the internal Bluetooth and WiFi module, the webcam and the microphone at the hardware level. 7-arch1-1, LLVM 11. org/arm/ (thanks, Jared McNeill!) and grab a NetBSD 9 image for the Pinebook Pro. This gives the developers a free-hand to eventually able to come up with TWRP, custom kernel, ROMs and much more with the help of these goodies. If you want more information about the Pinebook Pro, read our latest article here and pre-order So I was playing a game on my macbook pro and it suddenly went all white with a line down the screen for about half a second then restarted and said it had to restart. 6 und den freien Hantro/Panfrost-Treibern wird das Pinebook Pro so zu einer wirklich nutzbaren Konkurrenz zu Chromebooks oder günstigen x86-Geräten. 11 AC + Bluetooth 5. 12 released! We are proud to announce the release of Manjaro ARM 20. zst Slackware on a pinebook pro - Page 7 Help answer threads with 0 replies . This Manjaro build has support for all hardware features of the Pinebook Pro, including USB-C video out and charging. Software considerations: Get ready to tinker. The LabTop screen is significantly brighter than the Pinebook Pro (although it’s like comparing apples and pears considering the extreme cost difference). Preparing the Pinebook-Pro Manjaro Linux for virtualization. Earlier in the week a Pinebook pro found its way to my doorstep. Manjaro ARM projesi, Manjaro ARM’nin 21. To install / update a kernel: Mount /boot. 7) Mainlined in 5. Founded in 2008, Kernel Investissements is a Paris-based venture capital firm that funds enterprise software companies. — The port to aarch64 (64-bit ARM processors) is completed, and installable images are available for the Pinebook Pro, Raspberry Pi 4B, Raspberry Pi 3B+, Synquacer, Cubox Pulse and generic UEFI compatible devices (such as most aarch64 server boards). I had this problem on a Ubuntu based system and solved it by installing the Jakeaday kernel and tools. PINEBOOK Pro. 802. If it does not succeed, please run the command again. #Extra things needed #ap6256-firmware is needed for the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to function, and pbp-keyboard-hwdb for the brightness control shortcuts to work correctly, both can be installed from the pinebookpro repo. You can use debootstrap for that. 4. in 2011, a number of electronic makers came together and the LTSI initiative was born. Re: It is possible to install devuan on the new laptop pinebook pro ??? If you have working kernel then there is no problem to install Devuan. 32 bit binaries tend to be smaller (that is good for a memory constrained system like the Pinebook Pro) but also slower (that is bad for an already slow CPU such as the one in the Rockchip RK3399). Currently, you can't connect external displays through USB-C. Just before the switch, I’ve changed the keyboard to ANSI. 7 The kernel used on the Pinebook Pro. 02 Pinebook Pro Minimal 21. Android/Linux (Android on a Linux kernel) is its own complete userland, with its own libc (bionic), own coreutils, some sort of drivers running in userspace, its own graphics stack (not X11 or Wayland based), etc. Starting with NetBSD 8. It ran but seemed to be a step back from 32. Kernel crashes are hard to debug: If it’s using Debian with systemd, it should be rather trivial to access the logs from the last boot (or rather crash) using Die Hardware des Pinebook Pro umfasst: SOC – Rockchip RK3399 (zwei A72- und vier A53 Kerne) GPU – Mali T860 MP4; RAM – 4GB LPDDR4; Hauptspeicher – 64 GByte eMMC; Mattes IPS-Panel mit 1. Rockchip® RK3399 1. This guide will work on all Linux distributions but is geared towards the ARM64 processor architecture for Pinebook Pro. 7 kernel I blew away when I was messing around. Rumors are it’s extremely solid for a piece of hardware that’s far below the “bargain” price range and into the “fell off the back of a truck” pile. 0 and better support for aarch64 (pinebook pro, pinephone or raspberry pi) In hardware news, Pine64 has announces that pre-orders for the Pinebook Pro are coming soon. OpenMandriva Lx 4. But unlike most laptops with specs like those, this isn’t a Chromebook (or a Windows laptop). This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. 0 flash storage. 02 sürümünü duyurdu. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Unfortunately, even though the kernel module has been merged upstream Manjaro Linux still requires a custom module to be built. It is ARM architecture and its heart is the Rockchip RK3399 SoC consisting of a hexacore CPU in big. xz FreeBSD-aarch64-13. 7. When I checked the forums and wiki there were reports that the 1Tb variant was SATA and not PCIe. 000mAh, una barbaridad si tenemos en cuenta que usa un procesador ARM (la tecnología que suelen utilizar los móviles, por si alguien anda despistado). tar. Henwood@xxxxxxx> Re: Fedora 32 on Pinebook Pro. Rock Pi 4B. org + one patch from linux-next The Pinebook Pro comes with a preinstalled custom Debian. 6 slarm64-current-aarch64-base-rootfs-20200628-5. If you’re in the market for a new, cheap Linux laptop powered by an ARM processor, you should know that the Pinebook Pro notebook from PINE64, the makers of the PinePhone Linux phone, is now on sale again. Share 0 after corrections build new images with a new kernel 5. Currently, the kernel uses an on-demand compaction scheme. com: State: Changes Requested: Delegated to: Kever Yang: Headers: show The Pinebook Pro is one of the best surprises of 2019 and Linux. LITTLE arrangement and a graphical unit. Chromium OS build for RockPro64 and Pinebook Pro. Gentoo Packages Database. More aarch64 hardware support will follow shortly. . 6 which is supporting crucial functionality like USB-C charging, USB-C video output and compatibility for select USB-C Hopefully "minimal" Gentoo Linux kernel config for the PineBook Pro Raw. fc33 Source Type: Build from an SCM repository SCM type: git Clone URL: #Install a customized kernel. Now the Linux kernel is an ever-moving target. On Manjaro on the Pinebook pro And Alan Pope was trying to help me There are things missing in the Telegram snap that make it not able to function . It’s only natural that I want to use it as well, and the only client I really need is my Pinebook Pro. 4 build images for Debian Buster with XFCE Desktop DD image (for 8GB micoSD card or eMMC Module and above) The kernel is a 64 bit arm64 image while userland is built as 32 bit armhf binaries. Manjaro Stock Kernel vs TKG-PDS Kernel | 5 GAMES AT 1440P . 2 znver1 K Pinebook Pro, dátum dostupnosti je určený na leto 2019, ale aká verzia bude dostupná, či 11" alebo 14" je ešte otázne. Block eMMC flash using switch 24 and launch will happen with SD card. Also you don't have to do any monkey business with throwing the enable switch on the eMMC at the right point during the boot so the While the Pinebook Pro is happily running various Linux distributions and BSDs, this 14-inch ARMv8 laptop doesn't yet have mainline kernel support for lack of the DeviceTree bits. 04 as a reference. All this for $200. The process of flashing keyboard Pinebook Pro Display USB-C 5. Feb 12, 2020 MiniPC Comments Off on MiniPC Show #105 – Pinebook Pro Update, There are also kernel 4. Hello all, I have been experiencing frequent kernel panic shutdowns (2-3 a day) since upgrading to Yosemite. 8. 4. 0 pinebook pro PinePower 120W desktop power supply features display, USB PD, QC 3. 0. Click Remove. The default OS (Debian stretch) comes with a kernel 4. 1 NanoPi M4 - RK3399. 08 I was using default Mrfixit2001’s Debian and ISO keyboard. img. Raspberry Pi 400. 6 lbs (2. 4 RC Linux çekirdeğinin kullanıma sunulduğu ifade ediliyor. Ahead of the release of the Pinebook Pro this summer, a Rockchip RK3399-based ARM laptop with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB eMMC, and a 14" 1080p display, TechRepublic interviewed PINE64 community manager Lukasz Erecinski about the Pinebook Pro, and the PINE64 community philosophy. 2 RC (Release Candidate) released with Kernel 5. Pinebook Pro. :-) Still, I will be keeping the Pinebook in mind for the future. Access the kernel menu again in Mint's Update Manager and select the newer kernel. The bootrom in the rk3399 soc will look for u-boot on the SPI flash chip, then the eMMC and then the SD card slot. Raspberry Pi 3B+ — Direct link from our mirrors. 4 Armbian images that run just fine. GNOME OS is built using BuildStream. The kernel used on the Pinebook Pro. 10. It does only have a minimal amount of patches required to support. Because the It also turned out that flashing the keyboard firmware, allowing the chassis to seemingly work with the Pinebook Pro mainboard, sadly isn’t a completely straight-forward process. This provides kernel modesetting and a full-resolution video framebuffer, however, the 3D acceleration features of the GPU are not yet accessible - Mesa llvmpipe is used instead. Option 2. jolmg 66 days ago You're right. org Closes: https://gitlab Tested on a AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U (Renoir). If you’re in the market for a new, cheap Linux laptop powered by an ARM processor, you should know that the Pinebook Pro notebook from PINE64, the makers of the PinePhone Linux phone, is now on sale again. 1 GPL-2 ) redistributable? ( linux-fw-redistributable ( BSD-2 BSD BSD-4 ISC MIT no-source-code ) ) unknown-license? ODROID-C2. Contribute to ayufan-rock64/chromiumos-build development by creating an account on GitHub. It supports from Windows XP to Windows 10, 32-bit and 64-bit. to successful boot a NetBSD kernel off the SD card. Kernel builds are not this machine's strong suit. 31Y I love Manjaro on my Pinebook Pro. Switch branch/tag. Manjaro has a focus on user friendliness and accessibility, and the system itself is designed to work fully "straight out of the box" with its variety of pre-installed software. 51 lbs (2. The Pinebook Pro boots using u-boot. maji kernel 4. x Drops 32-bit Releases 21:28 = Mageia 7 Released 24:23 = Become a Patron of TuxDigital/This Week in Linux 25:57 = Whonix 15 Released The Goodix GT9286 is a capacitive touch sensor IC based on GT1x. 16-2. Mainline Kernel 5. Roughly every four months Linus releases a new kernel. Switch branch/tag. Call genkernel all to compile and install the Kernel. Raspberry Pi 400. 196). In addition it also has a micro SD card reader and can boot from that. With an RK3399 SoC in it, a hex-core AArch64 chip from Rockchip. Manjaro aarch64 kernel is compiled with KVM support so we can take full advantage of /dev/kvm acceleration via qemu-system-aarch64 or qemu-system-arm. die als Standard-Betriebssystem auserkorene KDE-Plasma-Version nutzt zudem den Panfrost-Treiber für die Mali Reject any frequency within the higher problematic range as well. img. Clone Clone The Manjaro KDE Edition for the Pinebook Pro also includes Linux kernel 5. 7 is out. Compare to popular tools (such as WIN64AST and PCHunter), WKE is a highly customizable tool and it can run on the latest Windows 10 without updating binary files. Changelog since last stable build:-Kernel upstreamed to Linux Stable 4. 14. 0; Trackpad; Mikrofon; Kamera 2MP The Oryx Pro is sleeker and lighter than the Serveal featured above, coming in at 4. The Debian LTS kernel Initiative. This extends to the open-source Panfrost GPU driver, which accelerates the KDE Plasma Desktop using OpenGL 2. 09 kg) for the 16. In November last year, I ordered a Pinebook Pro from Pine64. gz tar. bz2 tar. Unofficial user-built images for PineBook Pro based on 12. 8. pinebook pro freebsd, The Pinebook Pro is a Linux and *BSD ARM laptop from PINE64 It is built to be a compelling alternative to mid-ranged Chromebooks that people convert into Linux laptops. OpenMandriva Lx 4. 12 has been released for Raspberry Pi 4, Rock Pi 4C, RockPro64, Khadas Vim 2, Khadas Vim 3, Odroid N2, Pinebook and the Pinebook Pro. Right now the actual driver for them basically can’t do… anything. The macbook is a 15 inch from mid 2010, and I know its not the common tantalum capacitor issue on these models as it already had With that, the Debian Bullseye Installer also gained support for new ARM devices, including PINE64's Pinebook and Pinebook Pro ARM Linux laptops, as well as FriendlyARM's NanoPi NEO Air and NanoPi NEO Plus2, Olimex's A64-OLinuXino and A64-OLinuXino-eMMC, and HoneyComb's SolidRun LX2160A open source ARM boards. 1 inch full HD display, a Rockchip RK3399 processor, and 4GB of RAM. 4GHz Cortex A53 CPUs, a Quad-Core Mali T-860 GPU, 4 GB LPDDR4 Dual-Channel RAM, and 64 GB eMMC 5. The most annoying issue i have is the Wifi consistantly drops off and wont connect without a reboot. And you can compile the kernel. Note: I’ve had this issue with linux-aarch64-5. A couple of weeks ago, I published a Pinebook Pro review article on this blog. And since I was considering picking up a Chromebook for Los encargados de Manjaro han anunciado a través de los foros oficiales que su distribución será el sistema operativo predeterminado del Pinebook Pro, el portátil de PINE64 que destaca por su precio de 199 dólares e incluir una batería de 10. This chip can be found on a number of smartphones, including the F(x)tec Pro 1 and the Elephone U. 10-2-aarch64. A small amount of this is reserved by the kernel and framebuffer. 222, so then Linux updates like a Microsoft OS to Kernel 5. 9. From Pine64. bz2 tar Message ID: 20191114005107. manjaro kernel 5. org=4. 5-gentoo Kernel There’s been a lot of excited reviews among the more nerdly segments of society about the Pinebook Pro, a 14-inch, $200 Linux laptop using an ARM CPU and generally open-source hardware. 11. Kernel and hardware abstraction¶ This page documents the resources and processes to build the kernel and hardware abstraction for UT devices. OpenMandriva Lx 4. Head over to https://armbsd. Recently I submitted a pull-request to extend the Sublime Merge snap with support for arm64 so that I could use it on my Pinebook Pro. I picked it up for several reasons. 1-inch IPS LCD Full HD (1920×1080) display, the Pinebook Pro Linux laptop ships with 64-bit Dual-Core ARM 1. xz If you are unable to start with an SD card, you are very would like to have FreeBSD DESKTOP on Pinebook Pro you can. 17 Beta: Vulkan + OpenGL PRIME 25:12 = Housekeeping: Audio Feed, Segment Index, Patreon/Sponsus, Linux is Everywhere, Destination Linux 29:16 = CoreCtrl: Radeon Settings Alternative 31:49 = Raccoon: APK Downloader for Linux 33:20 = Nativefier v7. 9-rc kernel directly from kernel. Suitable for testing (WIP) Armbian Focal xfce mainline based kernel 5. Upgrade to the 5. 7. pkg. X Kernel. The Pinebook Pro is a $200 laptop with a 14 inch, full HD display, a Rockchip RK3399 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. A new Pinebook Pro, a smart, open IP Camera called CUBE, the PineTab and PinePhone security-centric tablet and smartphone, plus a revamped Rock64, H64 and a retro gaming case. ” That description feels pretty accurate. A binary driver should work with a kernel driver released at the same time, and up to 4 earlier versions. 2. Go to the kernel directory (/usr/src/linux) and do make dtbs && make dtbs_install. If you have something to add, remarks, etc please contact me. Read more master. Despite having the kernel every link dupont would be important customers as cutting off the world of linux. 4. - "/g/ - Technology" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing computer hardware and software, programming, and general technology. Pinebook Pro ($199) Linux Laptop Pre-Orders are Available to Everyone August 28, 2019 August 30, 2019 - by linuxtechnews - Leave a Comment Pine Microsystems, Inc. Pinebook Pro. View New Posts; View Today's Posts; PINE64 › Pinebook Pro › General Discussion on Pinebook Pro … › RK3399 Voltage Limits Pinebook Pro Linux Laptop Is Back in Stock and You Can Get One for Only $220 USD. But I have a problem that I can’t fix. 0 and wireless charging Pine64’s January update includes the launch of PinePhone with Mobian operating system, some limited details about the upcoming Quartz64 RK3566 SBC that will ship with 4 to 8GB RAM, and other news about all their products. me has been down, but a cheap solution to ds games on all hand-held consoles including NEW 3DS XL, NEW 3DS, NEW 2DS, 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi XL, DSi, DS Lite and DS Phat. Penutup. 2 Released 05:03 = Debian 10 "Buster" Released 08:45 = Pinebook Pro July News: Preorder Date 14:05 = Open Build Service 2. Pinebook Pro. In July 2019 the company announced the PineBook Pro, a netbook based around the Rockchip RK3399 SoC which is also used in the ROCKPro64. Pinebook Pro desteğini […] I recently ordered and received a Pinebook Pro and wanted to share how I got Wireguard working. View New Posts; View Today's Posts; PINE64 › Pinebook Pro › General Discussion on Pinebook Pro … › RK3399 Voltage Limits Pinebook Pro Linux Laptop Is Back in Stock and You Can Get One for Only $220 USD. Preferably via Mastodon but other means of communication are also fine. config # # Automatically generated file; DO NOT EDIT. I'll probably add one or two more targets before submitting it for review, just to make sure it covers most of the use cases. 02’yi duyurmaktan gurur duyduklarını söyleyen geliştirici ekip, şu andan itibaren Raspberry Pi 4, Rock Pi 4C, RockPro64, Khadas Vim 2, Khadas Vim 3, Odroid N2, Pinebook ve Pinebook Pro için uygun kalıpların indirilebileceğini ifade etti. The most important flaw patched in this new Ubuntu kernel security update is CVE-2021-3178, which was It also turned out that flashing the keyboard firmware, allowing the chassis to seemingly work with the Pinebook Pro mainboard, sadly isn’t a completely straight-forward process. 1434163-1-pbrobinson@gmail. [1] They offer application confinement and increased portability while also simplifying the development workflow. A 200$ laptop. About LibHunt tracks mentions of software libraries on relevant social networks. When I wrote this question I was not asking how to disable X altogether, only the boot splash screen. xz and linux-5. We’ve simply taken a mainline kernel straight from kernel. It’s possible that the current efforts to add support Allwinner support to the Linux mainline kernel will Adapter Brings M. Pinebook is wip and IMO early wip so don't expect the nice features to be done soon. 2 znver1. Manjaro ARM 21. I was intrigued by the price tag, a sort-of open architecture (at least physically: easy to open, troubleshoot, repair and hopefully expand) and growing Linux support for ARM-based computers, so I put my e-mail address on the waiting list. As a result, a large number of boards and configurations can be supported with a single kernel. 10. You can recompile the kernel either on the PINEBOOK Pro directly or on another machine running Enter drive encryption password on-device. 04 (Hirsute Hippo) Testing Week Kicks Off on April 1st for All Flavors Manjaro - Wikipedia. Option 1. It has an eMMC built in and it is possible to add an NVMe SSD drive using an adapter. LibreElec should be able to make a pinebookpro image with kernel 5. It ships with the GNU/Linux-based Debian MATE instead. Principles Re: Fedora 32 on Pinebook Pro. 2019 promises to be a very exciting year for PINE64. 0-1 on Pinebook Pro Here’s a guide on how to download a new Syncthing binary if you’re using a broken one. It supports the Pi 3B+ now since a few releases, which gives you all the same software releases (including kernel!) as on x86_64. gz tar. After changing the keyboard I’ve booted Debian once to flash the keyboard firmware. Rockchip® RK3399 1. The Broadcom closed source driver is the alternate option for the BCM 4331. The Manjaro kernel is much more stable and KDE Plasma is performant, user-friendly and visually appealing. Cc: stable@vger. What you really want is Watt/Hours, this is a 38Wh Battery, in context, a 13 inch Chromebook Pixel (a pro linux laptop, sort of) was ~70Wh, a Macbook Pro 16 is 99Wh. A mainline-based linux kernel for the Pinebook Pro. Rock Pi 4A. 0, FDT is used to configure devices. 12, which is now available through the new Manjaro ARM Fl There's probably not enough info here to do much with, I did this in response to a conversation on the Pine64 forum: https://forum. Update 1 (August 14) Canonical published today new Linux kernel security updates for all of its supported Ubuntu operating system releases to address up to six security vulnerabilities affecting all supported kernels. In brief, it covers the following: Donating to PinePhone devs; contributing to solving digital divide Pinebook Pro shipping schedule; engineering notice; privacy switches & ‘PINE64’ logo key Quote: If we can resume PineTab manufacturing next month alongside the PinePhone and Pinebook Pro, then pre-orders may go live in March. Its official site www. 04 Released 18:49 = Linux Mint 20. git YMMV FreeBSD pinebook-pro 13. org and the Phoronix Test Suite. Re: Adding support for the Pinebook Pro, Alex Gurenko. :-) Still, I will be keeping the Pinebook in mind for the future. 14 Code: [ 3. gz tar. So plan ahead! 27 Commentson Pinebook Pro update: The $199 Linux laptop is almost ready to go After unveiling plansto launch a $199 Linux laptop with a Rockchip RK3399 processor earlier this year, the folks at Syncthing issue fix: ‘Can’t invoke the daemon’ after upgrading from 1. 7. But Tobias Schramm of the Manjaro camp on Friday sent out the latest patches adding support for the Pinebook Pro. 02 Pinebook Pro Sway 20. The first thing I wanted to do was get Arch installed on it with an encrypted root partition. Preparing the environment. i2s mapping ok [ 3. Download source code. Moreover, the kernel source code for the Android 10 is also available on GitHub. 0. A Powerful, Metal and Open Source ARM 64-Bit Laptop for Work, School or Fun The Pinebook Pro is meant to deliver solid day-to-day Linux or *BSD experience and to be a compelling alternative to mid-ranged Chromebooks that people convert into Linux laptops. Short summary: if you’re on the fence about buying the Pinebook Pro as a supplementary laptop for short trips where extreme performance is not necessary, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option for $200. The device is priced at 199 US-$, though the final price after shipping and import duties/taxes is higher. 000 msec armfdt0 (root) fdt0 at armfdt0: Pine64 Pinebook fdt1 at fdt0 fdt2 at fdt0 NetBSD uses flattened device-tree (FDT) to enumerate devices on all Allwinner based SoCs. 196. 1 NanoPi M4 - RK3399. Maybe you should try kodi on the default installation. OnePlus is known for updating its smartphones to the latest version of Android Mit Kernel 5. Hi everyone! So I have been using my Pinebook pro for a while now and landed on using package linux-pinebookpro running kernel 5. [Kernel-packages] [Bug 1885862] Re: Add in-tree Realtek 8821CE wireless module support. tar. To install, disregard the above kernel configuration for wireless and follow the Wifi guide. 12 released! Manjaro ARM 20. 02. 2 x86_64. y You can re-make live bootable image or just a kernel+dtb The solution is to run a userland from NetBSD-9 with a NetBSD-current kernel. timecounter: Timecounters tick every 10. In which case please disable the kernel options as detailed Got some new 16GB San Disk class 10 Ultra microSDHC UHS-I cards today, wrote the same image I was using unsuccessfully to one of them, put it in the Pinebook Pro, powered up, and it booted and installed like a charm. Getting the display to work Loading additional kernel modules. Pinebook Pro OS choices on launch day. org: Lukasz from the Pine64 community has written the September 2019 update. 000mAH) WiFi 802. The screen almost never turns on when you boot the first few times, it is necessary to turn on and off a considerable number of times to make the &hellip; Specifications Like the Station P1 the Pinebook Pro is not your average computer since it is not your used to x86 architecture with their or an AMD processor. 15 Dec 2020 • Linux • Pinebook Pro My Pinebook Pro came in last week and yesterday I finally got a chance to really play with it. Testing the snap locally required I figure out the process on the arm64 Pinebook benchmarks, Pinebook performance data from OpenBenchmarking. Raspberry Pi Performance: Add ZRAM and these Kernel Parameters March 11, 2021 by Hayden James, in Blog Linux. The PineBook Pro laptop will be available for pre-order July 25, 2019. Remember: although the device itself costs $199 the price does not include shipping or cover any import fees you may be liable for. I used got to fetch src. 7-current on a PineBook Pro 64 Current State as of Sun Jun 14 11:42:54 CEST 2020. We’re in talks with the projects in question to determine which of the two will be the most vi The Pinebook is a cheap laptop powered by a 64bit ARM-based single board computer. Re: Adding support for the Pinebook Pro, Madalin Ignisca; Re: Adding support for the Pinebook Pro, Peter Robinson. 1 root hub bDeviceClass 9 Hub bDeviceProtocol 0 Full speed (or root) hub iProduct 2 Bus 005 Device 005: ID 090c:037c Silicon Motion, Inc. ----- Johan Jonker (1): arm64: dts: rockchip: remove interrupt-names property from rk3399 vdec node Marc Zyngier (1): arm64: dts: rockchip: Fix PCIe DT properties on rk3399 Robin Murphy (1): arm64: dts: rockchip: Disable display for NanoPi R2S Sandy Huang (1): arm64: dts: rockchip: fix vopl iommu irq on px30 Simon South (1): arm64: dts The Pinebook Pro is a pretty nifty device. 10, PHP 8. Snaps are an incredible new packaging format for Linux from Canonical. Zwar bekommt der Linux-Kernel 4. Games Games Details: I am comparing the Manjaro stock kernel to the TKG-pds-zen2 kernel in 5 games. 2 x86_64 . 1 inch screen version, and at 5. But ahead of it, OnePlus has already uploaded the Android 11 kernel source code for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. If you’re in the market for a new, cheap Linux laptop powered by an ARM processor, you should know that the Pinebook Pro notebook from PINE64, the makers of the PinePhone Linux phone, is now on sale again. The Manjaro build that ships with the Pinebook Pro features the latest Linux kernel and open source drivers. Pinebook Pro, VLC Bug Debunked, Fedora CoreOS, SUSE New CEO, Mageia, Manjaro 18 w/Gnome - first 3 steps: update kernel and packages + enable desktop icons - Duration: 5:00. lsusb -v | grep -E '\<(Bus|iProduct|bDeviceClass|bDeviceProtocol)' 2>/dev/null Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1. WireGuard is the new and hip VPN protocol that all the cool kids are using these days. io Pinebook Pro. I was looking at it today, I only knew of PinePhone. org and the Phoronix Test Suite. Rendering the SSD incompatable with the PineBook. 0, 5. At the time I am making this video, the TKG kernel is a slightly newer, but based on this 5 games test, there is no major difference between them. Before switching to Manjaro 20. bz2 tar. 3 inch screen option. The Armbian desktop for the Pinebook Pro uses XFCE, but I've replaced it with MATE, using the package manifest from Ubuntu-MATE 20. 920 × 1. This little $199 laptop will leave you speechless. A big thanks to the team (Nadia Holmquist Pedersen) who has put together daniel-thompson/pinebook-pro-debian-installer is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3. It comes in 2 sizes, with an 11" screen and a 14" screen. Run the first step: sudo updater step-1 iso or sudo updater step-1 ansi depending on the model of Pinebook Pro you have. After rebooting the Pinebook Pro, the Wlan and Audio should now be working again. Project ID: 34123. Pinebook Pro. The notebook is very lightweight and the case seems solid. This document is work in progress and I'll update the date above once I change something. I saw that mainline has official support for the pinebook pro now. Find file Select Archive Format. I am not asking to disable X and get to text-only login, I"m asking how to deactivate the "Ubuntu" loading screen with the dots, so that I can see text output from the boot process - processes being started, kernel messages, etc. Will You Pre-order the Pinebook Pro? To summarise, the Pinebook Pro will ship with a custom Linux OS, support for other OS, support privacy switches, and sport a funky Pine64 logo on the super key. For various social, cultural, and technical reasons, they have not made their way into the upstream kernel, and this project seeks to change that. 7. 0 only which is an OSI approved license. I managed to get Fedora33 running on pinebook pro through the upgrade process. That’s just amazing. I expect that there will be three OS types available for device on day one: 1) different flavours / distros of Linux (discussed in past month’s update); 2) Chromium OS; and lastly 3) Android 9. I recently picked up the PineBook Pro, and a NVMe adapter (V2-2019-1107). It'll be slow as hell, but, it won't crash the browser (or the kernel). Add support for RK3399 to the u-boot-master port. 8GHz Cortex A72 and Quad-Core ARM 1. Emerge sys-boot/extlinux and sys-boot/u-boot. In this video, we take a look at the Pinebook Pro a $200 Arm Cpu based Laptop that costs $200!Powered by the Rockchip Rk3399 and paired with 4Gb of LPDDR4 ra I tried to run Anbox before, but before Manjaro 20. Switch branch/tag. The Pinebook Pro crashes around every 24 hours (5 crashes in the first 5 days). USB-C DP altmode. I’ve applied some of the optimizations mentioned in Pinebook Pro – the Docking Deck receives a warm response from end-users and reviewers PinePhone – software and firmware news: Megi’s 5. 4 Accelerated: yes Video memory: 8192MB Unified memory: no Preferred profile: core (0x1) Max core profile version: 4. Install OpenBSD 6. Whenever a per-node kcompactd thread is woken up, it compacts just enough memory to make available a single page of the needed size. xz to On the Pinebook Pro, they’re just 4 PCIe lanes, and it’s a basic ARM setup where there’s just a single PCIe root port. Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript Love how you’ve covered up the camera on NetBSD and as for Linux the Kernel, it goes to Stable then all the Bugs get fixed in the Previous Version ie: 4. Featuring a 14. ARM dropped support for X in their releases after r16 (Jan 2017). Download source code. Memory compaction is a feature of the Linux kernel that makes larger, physically contiguous blocks of free memory available. The merge window for Linux Kernel 5. Pinebook Pro support is planned. 6-pinebook_pro-build-20200629. Luckily, alternatives exist, and I will explain what and how. org, applied a few patches copied from the Manjaro repository and used a configuration set similar to the Manjaro one. 60 GHz 6. The goal is to eliminate classes of bugs and eliminate methods of exploitation. As a NIX machine, I decided to stick with Arch Linux, but have plans to one day install OpenBSD on it. #The one that includes support for the pinebook pro ( which in new pinebookpro repository ) pacman -Sy linux-pbp. From: Matthew Miller <mattdm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Re: Fedora 32 on Pinebook Pro. CSDN问答为您找到libGL error: failed to load driver: rockchip (ARM, Pinebook Pro)相关问题答案,如果想了解更多关于libGL error: failed to load driver: rockchip (ARM, Pinebook Pro)技术问题等相关问答,请访问CSDN问答。 System Summary. Pinebook pro can be available that link dupont would love of any mouse buttons. 0. More on drivers here. EFI stub: Booting Linux Kernel EFI stub: EFI_RNG_PROTOCOL unavailable, KASLR will be disabled EFI stub: Using DTB Re: PINEBOOK Pro suitable for audio? Post by hm11 » Sun Dec 13, 2020 4:57 pm After using it for nearly a year I can say that the Pinebook Pro is 'suitable' for audio Production however, You'll need an audio interface because the sound device it has isn't very powerful for low-latency works, or even mixing without pops & clicks. Replacing keyboard in a Pinebook Pro means that you need to disassemble it completely and reassemble with a new one. It is upgradable through OSTree and has Flatpak to allow installation of applications. Launchpad Bug Tracker Fri, 19 Mar 2021 04:13:05 -0700 Pinebook Pro Linux Laptop Is Back in Stock and You Can Get One for Only $220 USD. Wireguard is a VPN that uses modern cryptography while still being easy to configure for various environments. img. 19 Pinebook Pro Linux Laptop Is Back in Stock and You Can Get One for Only $220 USD. The BSD community linklog FreeBSD Foundation looking for a Senior Arm Kernel Engineer PineBook Pro We have got Kali Linux running on a PineBook Pro! Please download a copy and try it out if you have a PineBook! If you don’t know what the PineBook is, check it out! Unlike traditional notebooks, Pinebook uses an ARM CPU rather than x86. System76 has announced their new Pangolin laptop which is a high anticipated AMD-Powered Laptop. Select it with eselect kernel set. The vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-27365, CVE-2021-27363 and CVE-2021-27364) have since been fixed and patches for the mainline Linux kernel became generally available on March 7. 867959] asoc-audio-graph-card sound: ES8316 HiFi <-> ff890000. It uses the Allwinner Technology A64 SoC , containing quad ARM 1. Add support for RK3399 to the u-boot-master port. Phoronix: The $199 Pinebook Pro ARM Laptop Is Closer To Running On The Mainline Linux Kernel For those that have managed to get their hands on the Pinebook Pro as the $199 ARM 64-bit laptop powered by a Rockchip RK3399 SoC and with 4GB of RAM, 1080p panel, 64GB eMMC, and other decent features for the price, mainline Linux yes this is different from manjaro kernel 5. Designed to run GNU/Linux software rather than Windows or Chrome OS, the PineBook Pro went up for pre-order for $200 last summer, shipped last fall, and has been kind of hard to get your hands on recently. For now, I don’t suspect a hardware defect but a kernel crash in mrfixit’s kernel 4. As for Pinebook – it’s Allwinner A64, I have some WIP to cover it, and I’ll ask manu@ to test the Pinebook pro, good idea 🙂 Reply mko_io May 26, 2020 at 6:13 pm Note: Only B/G modes are supported by this in-kernel driver. If your issue goes away after rolling back, the older kernel may be your best choice for now, as long as it has official support status. The screen of the LabTop is anti-glare in a way that the MacBook is not. php?tid=7070 The Pinebook Pro "is meant to deliver solid day-to-day Linux or *BSD experience," Pine64 said on the laptop's product page, "and to be a compelling alternative to mid-ranged Chromebooks that WebGL on Pinebook Pro? CarlKB. The kernel is a computer program at the core of a computer's operating system that has complete control over everything in the system. But the 5. 2]). Raspberry Pi 4B. 50 kg) with the 17. The good news is that we have now internally narrowed down OS choice for this early batch to two OSes. Download source code. lsusb. 02 Pinebook Pro MATE 21. 7. 03. With RockPro64 image you will be able to boot but without the LCD screen working as lcd driver is needed in the kernel. 10 Pinebook Pro KDE Plasma 21. Side view of the Pinebook showing headphone jack, mini-HDMI port and USB 2. Games Games Details: Manjaro (/ mænˈdʒɑːroʊ /) is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on the Arch Linux operating system. com Pinebook Pro is an open-source laptop powered by Pine64 community. 11n is not supported. As a quickstart, this procedure will build a monolithic kernel, without modules, and good for a start. Add support for RK3399 to the u-boot-master port. Mainline Kernel 5. I was looking at it today, I only knew of PinePhone. The framework does not trace dependency between devices so the unloading module can crash the system. First of all, get the toolchain for cross compile your kernel: R4 Gold PRO This r4 gold card runs modified wood r4 kernel for ds games . For the SSD I opted for a 500GB Western Digital Blue SN550 WDS500G2B0C. org/showthread. Sales you to your pinebook release with the latest features, though the work! Whilst this coupon code, establish an sbc vendor to find the usb port. The default OS it ships with is a Debian with a vendor kernel and U-Boot provided by Rockchip. It also turned out that flashing the keyboard firmware, allowing the chassis to seemingly work with the Pinebook Pro mainboard, sadly isn’t a completely straight-forward process. Clone Clone Jadi pinebook pro ini cocok untuk yang ingin ngoprek kernel linux di laptop (misalnya untuk ngoprek power management). Find file Select Archive Format. I mean if I settle on NetBSD of FreeBSD I guess it will be a good choice. Artık düzenli yayın döngüsüne Pinebook Pro kalıplarını dahil edebilecekleri bir kaliteye yaklaştıkları ifade edilirken, ayrıca, çalışan pek çok şey için çalışan bir 5. manjaro install . See full list on haydenjames. Rock Pi 4C. Closed source Broadcom driver. Got a pinebook pro with manjaro linux. 0-CURRENT-Pinebook-Pro-20210110. Now w The Pinebook Pro, running the default Debian MATE image. - Taiwan (formerly Feiya Technology Corp. For the shipped Debian this bootloader works well, but other OSes may have some problems. Enter the Pinebook, a shockingly affordable $99 laptop from Pine64. I mean if I settle on NetBSD of FreeBSD I guess it will be a good choice. 7-1. 8, you had to do some manual stuff to get it working on the Pinebook Pro. Linux Journal, representing 25+ years of publication, is the original magazine of the global Open Source community pinebook-pro/ 2020-Jul-04 20:41:33 for Armbian Pinebook Kernel is compiled with KVM support so you can fully use HW accelerated qemu for aarch64 guests Kernel The Pinebook Pro uses the RockPro64 SBC https: Now to (re)build the 5. 8. Build: 1918879 State: succeeded Finished: 13 days ago Quick Enable ~ glxinfo -B name of display: :1 display: :1 screen: 0 direct rendering: Yes Extended renderer info (GLX_MESA_query_renderer): Vendor: AMD (0x1002) Device: Radeon RX 590 Series (POLARIS10, DRM 3. 4 images are NetBSD supports many boards based on Allwinner SoCs. Thanks to the great work that the Manjaro ARM team have done in this field, getting a working kernel for the Pinebook Pro was relatively painless. zip tar. Mainline Kernel 5. It will boot the first functioning u-boot image it can find. That’s it! the bootloader of your Realme X50 Pro is now unlocked. Read more master. the eDP panel Mainlined. What works: Recently, I have been working on running GNOME OS on the Pinebook Pro. 7 is also likely to add mainline support for the $199 Pinebook Pro ARM-based Linux laptop. OpenMandriva Lx 4. Once we have the hypervizor and simulators compiled, here are some examples how I handle networking in the VMs pinebook-pro Built by: aptupdate Package: kernel-pbp Version: 5. Upgrade to the 5. is an US-based company which designs, manufactures and sells single-board computers and low-end notebook computers with low cost. Meskipun sudah bisa dipakai oleh orang awam, dan sudah lebih dari cukup untuk melakukan pekerjaan yang berhubungan dengan office dan browsing, menurut saya Pinebook Pro masih kalah dari laptop lain. The binary driver does an API version check on the kernel driver on start-up. By NormanT, December 5, 2020 in Rockchip 3399. 0-ALPHA1 FreeBSD 13. This FydeOS for You - Pinebook Pro release is a result of about 2 months of hard work by the FydeOS Dev team, inspired by the efforts of the previous Chromium OS build produced by ayufan-roc Clang based OpenMandriva Lx 4. GNOME OS is a bootable image used to test vanilla GNOME without dependencies on distributions. Armbian's Pinebook Pro Ubuntu Focal XFCE Desktop download site Armbian Debian Buster XFCE Desktop legacy kernel [microSD / eMMC Boot] Armbian provides a legacy kernel 4. But it's ARM based so that rules out Dragonfly. 0 port Jason Evangelho Pinebook Pro Linux laptop begins shipping to customers. r4i-gold. I can't see any obvious differences in the specs from the Samsung card with the same image that would not boot, but I have not tested them with a utility. About Pinebook Pro. Think of the Pinebook Pro as a sort of Chromebook that runs GNU/Linux-based operating systems like Debian rather than Google’s Chrome OS. Lastest dmesg. 2 WiFi Cards to the Pinebook Pro The Pro model appears to be an Pinebook Pro Review. I used the 32 Workstation iso. Similar to the Pinebook Pro, the Raspberry Pi and more recently the Raspberry Pi 4, are also ARM based. 11 kernel; Switch to an u-boot build that has display support; 2020-10-11. Build a successful image first, and then start your adventures with your crafted kernel. 10 kernel and new firmware for the modem result in improved power management + thermals PinePhone – Megapixels camera app now supports smooth 30FPS viewfinder; works on multiple mobile UIs. Install u-boot to the target block device as instructed. zip tar. # Linux/arm64 5. We’ll also check out the latest release of OpenRazer which is a project to make Razer products work with Linux based systems. Lastly, run u-boot-update. 6 and the bugs come back and it’s only now they’re looking at RAP features from PaX and grSecurity going wow, that’s so neat if only we’d thought of it earlier. 0-DESKTOP-Pinebook-Pro-20210111. GPL-2 GPL-2+ GPL-3 BSD MIT || ( MPL-1. 0 is ready and up on Google Drive and over the OTA in FKM and it is a major update! Besides many upstreams in kernel, we are now using VBSWAP instead of ZRAM. 1 NanoPi M4 - RK3399. Pine64's $200 Linux Pro Laptop Now Has US Keyboard Layout Newsroom - January 22, 2020 Pinebook Pro: HCL image does not boot Hi. Read more master. Suspend freezes the laptop so you have to hold the power button and then turn back on. 13:00 = $199 Pinebook Pro Public Pre-Order 19:45 = IBM Open-Sources POWER ISA! 22:48 = NVIDIA 435. To compound matters, after each panic is an additional restart as my computer is already in the process of restarting, so I never get the crash log or option to send it, and I can't decipher the logs in Console to find them--if they exist. I was looking at it today, I only knew of PinePhone. Our focus is on kernel self-protection, rather than kernel-supported userspace protections. Find file Select Archive Format. This allows you to boot NetBSD without opening up the PineBook Pro and disabling the eMMC. Overview Packages kernel-pbp. 2 GHz Cortex-A53 cores and Mali 400 MP2 GPU , together with 2 GB RAM LPDDR3 . 9. From: Richard Henwood <Richard. 8. cw2015 (the charger driver) didn't land upstream yet and the first iterations from Tobias at manjaro currently throw some errors in dmesg. Manjaro ARM 20. Thanks to all for the Pine64 Pinebook Pro benchmarks, Pine64 Pinebook Pro performance data from OpenBenchmarking. The ODROID-C2 is a 64-bit quad-core single board computer(SBC) that is one of the most cost-effective 64bit development boards available in the ARM world. 7. This step is complete when the terminal outputs: ARM Kernel Developer Wrote mainline Linux kernel support for the Pinebook Pro, hardware and electronics debugging, works on ARM device support. Take a look at the Tips and Tricks I’ve uncovered in my use of this fantastic ARM based laptop that continues to impress. This document is useful if you would like to work on: A hardware related issue (camera, sensors, radios) A Linux kernel related issue. Porting FydeOS for You for the Pinebook Pro is our series of attempts to support for the ARM ecosystem. 000:1; Stereo Lautsprecher 1W; Akku – Lithium (10. 1. First, I like what they&rsquo;re doing to produce affordable, hackable hardware and want to vote with my dollars for that when I get a chance. the battery fuel gauge (Mainlining in progress) the Pinebook Pro devicetree (Mainline starting 5. and hence . zip tar. 00 GB RAM ATI radeon HD 5700 I used bluescreen viewer and event viewer to find that 'Kernel event tracing' could be something to do with my problem, but im BSOD Help and Support: Kernel-Event Tracing error/System Health Report 01:41 = Linux Kernel 5. ) 300k Pixel Camera bDeviceClass 239 Miscellaneous Device Pinebook Pro (Rockchip RK3399) Support for the display output is provided through the Rockchip DRM driver. From: Peter Robinson <pbrobinson@xxxxxxxxx> Re: Fedora 32 on Pinebook Pro. An issue related to the system-image upgrade process Pinebook Pro. Re: Adding support for the Pinebook Pro, Benson Muite. 19-1 as it seemed stable and runs well on Manjaro Kde Wayland. The first time you boot into your Pinebook Pro, you’re greeted with a red intro screen, complete with Pine64 logo (the same one on the keyboard), that says, “Open Sesame. As of right now (November 1st 2019) when I’m writing this, it’s not trivial to make use of the wireguard-dkms package on the PBP. The preorder system went live on July 25, 2019. Fedora is getting better at supporting ARM64 (aarch64). Changelog 2021-3-13. Install the package: sudo pacman -S pinebook-pro-keyboard-updater. Therefore, I decided to install Manjaro KDE Plasma. Raspberry Pi 4B. 7. I have one, had it for several months but haven't put it to good use just yet because the default Debian it came with is not up to scratch (Kernel 4. 4 weiterhin Updates, einfach in der Debian-Installation des Pinebook Pro werden diese aber nicht ankommen, denn der Kernel ist schlicht nicht als Paket gebaut. rvp. 080 Pixeln / 60 Hz / 250 Candela, Kontrast 1. 86800 Slackware on a pinebook pro - Page 11 Help answer threads with 0 replies . See full list on fossbytes. v3. 4 with Mali binary blobs and armhf 32-bit userland), Manjaro is quite nice but has many quirks I don't quite like, and support for other Linux distros is just about to become a reality in a few weeks when Kernel 5. I did not succeed to persuade the display to turn on before the Pinebook pro kernel. Should have saved that Pinebook comes with 2GB RAM standard. 0) (0x67df) Version: 20. Recompiling the kernel. This has been tested on F(x)Tec Pro1 (MSM8998). 3. 225-F2FS upstreamed to latest f2fs-5. Diese Abbilder nutzen derzeit Vorab-Versionen von Kernel 5. the newer kernel will just be worse for that at the moment. 24 becomes 4. 10 Pinebook Pro XFCE 21. Pinebook Pro. View New Posts; View Today's Posts; PINE64 › Pinebook Pro › General Discussion on Pinebook Pro … › RK3399 Voltage Limits Pinebook Pro Linux Laptop Is Back in Stock and You Can Get One for Only $220 USD First Look at Fedora Linux’s New i3 Spin: Heaven for Tiling WM Fans Ubuntu 21. pkg. 12-rc1 tag-WiFi drivers updated to 5. 3-2-aarch64. The deal-breaker was the unstable kernel causing infrequent random crashes and, even worse, unusable WiFi. But it's ARM based so that rules out Dragonfly. You'll need to remove the newer kernel, however, if you don't want your device using it. The pinebook pro is a beautiful 64-bit ARM based laptop, that reminds me of the form factor of a modern macbook air, shipping with a premium magnesium alloy shell, 128GB eMMC and a 10,000 mAH battery. November 2019 von Markus Fritsche I am a new, proud owner of a Pinebook Pro. Linux is just a kernel; it gives you drivers and basic OS support, but it's just one part. pine64. 10 Released 17:19 = GRUB 2. As the Pinebook Pro is a fully 64-bit capable machine, we are going to run the evbarm-aarch64 NetBSD port on it. Linux users have been The PineBook Pro is a laptop with a 14. I am used to both an Apple MacBook Pro 13″ and a Pinebook Pro 14″, and I have no qualms with the screen at all. This is a massive pain as that's what we all still use. 10 with the Linux kernel 5. I mean if I settle on NetBSD of FreeBSD I guess it will be a good choice. Once a page of that size is 2020 年的电子产品为消费者钱包考虑甚多:光发布,买不到。自从去年底得知 Pinebook Pro 的存在和年初的小范围发售后,上半年笔者遍尝各种渠道尝试购入一台,毕竟全尺寸 ARM 笔记本并不是那么常见。究其无果后下半年最终在某宝额外支付了相对海外税前定价 50% 的费用(官方定价 $199,国内“官方 aptupdate / pinebook-pro. :-) Still, I will be keeping the Pinebook in mind for the future. Re: Adding support for the Pinebook Pro, Dan Čermák This command re-installs the kernel and recompiles any modules before regenerating the boot image which appears to be what causes the original issue. I've built a true mainline Linux Kernel for the Pinebook Pro. Raspberry Pi 3B+ — Torrents (via archive. Kernel event tracing issue Hi, I'm running Windows 7 64-bit sp-1 AMD Athalon 2X4 620 processor 2. Four months is a pretty short time to catch all the regressions and add new features etc. 2-STABLE and 13. Pine64 hasn’t announced when you’ll be able to buy one yet, FreeBSD-aarch64-13. From: Andreas Reschke <arm_ml@xxxxxxxxxxx> Pinebook Pro I3 20. pinebook pro kernel